Interview with the Wall Street Journal about Real Estate and Jumbo Loans in Portland, Ore. 7.9.2015


Wall Street Journal Article

The changes are part of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s “know before you owe” initiative. It will give home buyers a longer amount of time to review their loan documents but it will also extend the length of time for a financed purchase to close.

I was interviewed for the piece, as the journalist was interested in a realtor’s perspective coming from a competitive market, as we are seeing here in Portland.

Link to the full article here.


Every year our local publication, Portland Monthly, puts out their Real Estate issue. It outlines the different neighborhoods, trends in the market and how Portland is growing. Its a useful piece of information and some buyers refer to it as their “guide” when shopping for homes. The issue is full of facts and research done the the whole PMM staff, with interviews and polls from professionals in the real estate field – lenders, mortgage brokers, city officials and real estate agents.

This year, I was featured in two sections in the magazine. What an honor. I was asked to profile my personal neighborhood and my opinion on the next trending areas, as well as do a short Q & A on my knowledge of historic homes. The Q & A was one of my favorite pieces, as it allowed me to tap into my knowledge of renovation and remodeling which is the core of our design business.

Happy reading!

sunrose coverq and areal estate neighborhoodreal estate issue cover

Was interviewed by Market Watch about real estate trends and buyers who are moving to retire in Oregon.

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