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From the magazine published by Oregon Home – The Get Guide 2008, a directory of where to go and pros to know to meet your household needs.

If you’re a Queen or King of multi-tasking, you’ve met your match in Shannon Baird. This Portland-based Realtor, interior designer and project manager is available for a color consultation, a house sale or to manage a remodel you don’t want to deal with. Her blend of traditional and contemporary design has appeared several times in Oregon Home. Baird is a recipient of the Elizabeth Potter award from the State of Oregon Historic Preservation Office for her work in restoring, remodeling and redesigning homes and commercial buildings in Oregon.



6856 NE Siskiyou

Absolutely wonderful working with both of you, Shannon and Tracy! What a smooth and easy process. I will, without a doubt, be referring anyone and everyone to the two of you. Hope you both have a fantastic weekend!


Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 12.10.32 PM

2068 SE Ivon St.

Shannon went beyond the call of duty in helping us find our new home in Portland. Since we are from out of town, it took us a while to learn which neighborhood worked best for us. By the time we were ready to buy, the market had taken off, and it was common for houses to have multiple offers. With Shannon’s help, our first offer was accepted! Shannon was there for us, with patience, knowledge, and professionalism, throughout every step of the process. A total pro. Thank you, Shannon!
Paul and Emi Gilbert



1726 N Willamette Blvd.

Thank you so much for all your support, love and compassion throughout this process! You’ve played an instrumental role in two of my major life milestones. I’m grateful to have you in my circle. 🙂



5112 SE 38th Ave.

Shannon was great to work with! Her knowledge of the Portland market and experience in Real Estate made the process easy and gave us peace of mind. She was able to provide us great resources in order to prepare our house for the sale and when the offers started pouring in her organization kept us focused. Thank you Shannon- your easy demeanor helped us stay calm in this crazy market.



Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 11.40.06 AM

19121 S. Coquina Ct.



14222 SE McLoughlin Blvd.

Before we met Shannon, we experienced challenges with other realtors understanding the direction we wanted to go in selling our property.  Shannon (with her team of Tracy and Anna) listened and educated us and expertly led us through a speedy sale with a much-hoped-for outcome.  We look forward to working with her in the future!

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 11.06.45 AM

3234 NE 15th Ave.


Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 10.56.01 AM

4206 N. Montana



1936 SE Hemlock

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 4.03.15 PM

1534 SW Cardinell

Shannon –

Thank you, again, for help us move into a new phase of our lives out of Hemlock and into Cardinell.

We appreciate all the care and attention you offered while piecing together this complex deal. Glad you had the A team (you, Anna, LaVon, Steph, Steve) helping us get through it all.

And thank you for the pear piece. We ll find a  sweet spot for it in our new house.


Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.18.56 PM

3707 SW 52nd Place condo #7



3405 NE Rodney

if you’re like me, you’re wondering why the internet has not put the real estate profession out of business.  the cost of publishing/marketing on the web is de minimis, after all. buyers and sellers can easily find each other online. transactions are digital, fast, and frictionless.
that sounds groovy, and one day we may get there.  in the meantime, there is a lot about the current market you don’t know and probably don’t know that you don’t know.  you’ve heard it’s a sellers’ market, but how is that balance of power expressed?  where is your leverage?  how do you evaluate the strength of offers with odd/weird escalation clauses, waivers, etc? current buyers looking for?  what kind of repairs/improvements will you get paid for when you transact?  does the market care about historical “correctness” and what even is that?
if these are your areas of expertise, or you would enjoy becoming expert in them, then feel free to go it alone.  if not, you need someone like shannon baird.  do yourself a favor and hire her.  she’s worth it!


Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 3.54.04 PM

4856 NE 13th Ave.



1417 NE Buffalo

This was our second investment property purchase with Shannon as our real estate agent. We could not have asked for a more enthusiastic, positive, thoughtful and protective person to represent us!

Shannon helped us navigate a unique transaction with a Seller who chose limited representation on a home that needed extensive repair. She acted as our mentor and coach, guiding us through the inspection process as well as helping us keep a level head and make clear decisions. She was always supportive, never faltering in her commitment to us and our goals. Her professional and friendly approach to real estate yields astounding results as well. Shannon developed a good rapport with the Seller and we know that her poise, knowledge, kindness and negotiating savvy was essential in helping us to secure the home. We trust Shannon implicitly.

Yes, Shannon is our agent but more importantly, she has become our dear friend, champion and an integral piece of our Portland family.



2009 NE 24th


Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 12.16.41 PM

2835 NE 15th Ave.

We met Shannon nine years ago, when we bought a small house in Portland, as a second home. We were both living in NJ at the time, but wanted a pied-a-terre in Portland, where our older daughter was living. In fact, our daughter, her husband and 2 little kids lived at that house all these years and recently purchased it from us. Shannon was nothing but extremely helpful at that time, considering that we were buying this house as absentee purchasers (we were in NJ at the time). We recall how confident we felt in her hands, knowing that she would find the right house for us and that she would represent our interests extremely well. She did so magnificently.
Nine years later, we retired from our respective professions and moved to Portland to be closer to our daughters and their families (a younger daughter lives in Spokane). We didn’t have a moment’s hesitation in choosing a realtor to help us in finding a house for ourselves. Shannon was it, period. We had a somewhat tall order, aside from price considerations: proximity to our daughter’s house, good walk score, preferably in Irvington or Alameda, with a good-size kitchen, lots of windows throughout, and so on. Sannon sat with us, carefully considered our wish list, educated us on the real estate market conditions at present (not pretty for buyers!), and worked tirelessly and continuously to find the ideal house for us, a house in which we would be happy, as she said.  For her there were no weekends or late hours. She was available to us at all times. She understood completely what we were looking for, an ability that was impressive, even uncanny. She kept us apprised daily of new houses on the market. When she took us to see a house, she  pointed out not only its positive features, but also the not so flattering ones. Her knowledge of every aspect of houses is astounding, be it mechanics, structural, etc. Throughout the process, she guided us expertly. We became totally reliant on her advice and knowledge.
It took Shannon fewer than three months to find the ideal house for us, a huge feat in today’s market. She is not only one of the best realtors we have  worked with, but a fantastic person as well. She is calm, assured, kind, and patient. She has become not only a dear friend, but a family member as well. To say that we love her is an understatement.


Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 12.19.47 PM

6644 SW Parkhill Dr.

Purchasing a home from out of state, we needed a lot of hand-holding and Shannon was the perfect agent for us. We felt confident in putting our trust in her through the process.  We did not make it
easy, yet through it all she maintained patience, grace, and professionalism. Her compassion and understanding put us at ease. Once we were in contract she was detail-oriented and managed to get a plethora of inspections pulled through in record time. She’s on top of it.

We are moving into our dream home and we absolutely have Shannon to thank for it.


Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 12.19.15 PM

225 NE 63rd


Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.13.45 PM

6737 SE 64th


Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 11.25.50 AM

3644 SW 48th Pl

The importance of finding the right agent is paramount in today’s home buying market. We were lucky to have Shannon navigate us through Portland’s real estate landscape. She invested time to understand our needs and establish a personal connection with our family. Armed with this information Shannon was able to expedite our search and focus on the listings that were relevant to us.

Our ideal home was a tall order and being in a sellers’ market didn’t make things easy. After all, finding the right house is one thing but being the winning bidder is another. Through Shannon’s wit and wisdom we found and ‘won’ the perfect home. Our family couldn’t be happier!!
We are ever so thankful for Shannon’s professionalism and hard work. She’s the best!



28 SE 28th #405

Shannon was an absolute dream to work with. We knew as soon as we met her that she was the right agent for us. Not only is she an expert in the nuances of the local market, but she’s thoughtful, caring, communicative, and thorough—a pleasure to be around. Throughout the process of buying our new home and selling our condo, she was available when we needed her, and completely committed to the task at hand. She’s a gentle communicator, but a fierce negotiator—we had complete trust in her throughout the process. And we’ll be great friends for a long time to come…highly recommended!


Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 4.08.42 PM

9136 SW 8th Ave

From the brokerage firm on the listing side-

Thank you for selling the listing at 9136 SW 8th Avenue. Always a real privilege doing business with you. You continue to bring great credit to yourself and the real estate community. You are very well respected by agents in our firm.


Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 4.01.49 PM

5221 NE 26th Ave

Though as a long-time friend of Shannon we had no doubt that she’d be representing us in our home-buying process, we were still blown away by the grace, intuition, attentiveness, patience, honesty and thoroughness she brought to the experience. Shannon has impeccable taste and an uncanny ability to intuit her clients’ needs, wants and abilities; she knew right away that we were motivated to buy and willing to put in some work to make a place our dream home. And even though we were highly motivated, with Shannon we never felt pressured, but always protected. In a tough market you need someone who can both charm and play hardball, and she is undoubtedly that person. You really couldn’t ask for a better ally than Shannon!


Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.57.05 PM

3147 NE Holland Court

Two notes from a couple.

– So happy that we were able to work together. Thanks for all of the work you did. We hope to see more of you and your lovely aura.

– Thank you so much for helping, guiding and reassuring us through this crazy home buying process! We’re very excited to move in to our new home. We appreciate all you’ve done for us. Have a great summer! We can’t wait to have you over for a BBQ.


A recent lovely note I received from a client:

We’ve had much change since we last talked, we are actually moving to California this summer. It was a decision that took us by surprise- but our work is bringing us there every month at least and it just makes sense for this time. We hope to come back to Portland to settle in a few years. You poured lots of time into our family as we house-hunted, and even though we didn’t find anything, you have been nothing but patient and generous. We are as picky as they come- I know! So I just wanted to let you know where we are at and say thank you and we think of you fondly.

4117 N Albina – condo


Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 9.04.09 AM

4905 E Burnside – duplex

For any first-time home-buyers, it’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed with the real estate market. Thanks to Shannon’s patience, incredible savvy, and genuine commitment to us as her clients, we never felt like we’d bit off more than we could chew.

Throughout the entire process – from searching for the perfect place, to brokering the best deal – Shannon was thoughtful, thorough, and sharp-witted. She placed our needs above all else, and navigated the market and our negotiations with remarkable skill. Truly, we could not have asked for a more supportive or more effective realtor and guide than Shannon Baird.


Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 9.00.10 AM

6920 N Vincent

Shannon was an absolute dream to work with. We knew as soon as we met her that she was the right agent for us. Not only is she an expert in the nuances of the local market, but she’s thoughtful, caring, communicative, and thorough—a pleasure to be around. Throughout the process of buying our new home and selling our condo, she was available when we needed her, and completely committed to the task at hand. She’s a gentle communicator, but a fierce negotiator—we had complete trust in her throughout the process. And we’ll be great friends for a long time to come…highly recommended!


Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 9.01.50 AM

4608 N Gantenbein

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything that you have done for us. Thank you for finding us our first home and for walking us through the whole process. Our lives will never be the same and this house will help to solidify our future. It has been a pleasure meeting and getting to know you. Please keep in touch! We will always remember you and everything that you have done for us. Thank you!

K + B


Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 9.02.29 AM

4605 NE Alameda



5604 NE 32nd


Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 9.01.13 AM

1525 NE 75th



2506 N Ainsworth


Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 4.37.16 PM

5225 SE Morrison



3115 NE Prescott St.

Carrie and I thank you for all your help in getting the Prescott St house ready for sale. With  Shannon on the case, the whole process was a piece of cake for us.

It was a real pleasure dealing with you. I don’t often work with someone as professional and caring as you, and all we need is another house and we can do it all again.



602 SE 16th


Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 2.15.47 PM

4225 SE 33rd

As we needed a real estate agent to facilitate our relocation from San Francisco to Portland, a friend recommended we connect with Shannon Baird. Shannon was amazing throughout the entire home search and purchasing process. During the search and tours she was an outstanding listener, constructive advisor, and wonderfully patient companion. Once we decided on our home, Shannon was an excellent liaison with the selling agent and helped us get through the sale with amazing grace, speed, and cooperation. Finally, as we were unable to attend the inspections and related walk-throughs (because we were out of state), Shannon took care of everything with such attention to detail, knowledgeable oversight, and timely updates that you’d almost think she was taking care of her own home. Shannon earned our trust completely and I would recommend her guidance to anyone buying or selling their home in the Portland area.


Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 7.43.05 PM

NE 11th

You work so hard and are so professionally successful. Your high levels of functionality, despite endless work mornings, afternoons, nights – is completely astounding. Matt and I, over the last 8+ months, have watched in utter amazement at what you are able to do, and how swiftly you handle everything. Being at your Little House Housewarming in April and meeting all your friends was a testament to the dedication you have given to the industry, to your friendships, and to humanity! You are so good for this world!


Recent Testimonial  from former clients referring me to their friends:

Both, (of us) used the same real estate agent for both houses we’ve bought in Portland. Her name is Shannon Baird, grew up in No Po now lives in NE (very close to us). We liked her because she has a calming presence and kept us level headed through what can be an emotional process, she’s like a drill sergeant when it comes to lining up contractors/inspectors, she’s got a great eye for design/renovations and has her own interior design business, and most importantly we liked spending time with her (and we spent a lot of time with her). She has since become a dear friend.


Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 5.09.41 PM

2633 NE 7th

I was introduced to Shannon by friends, who had, through Shannon’s smart and hard work finding just the “odd” space they were looking for, become friends of hers, and still are–just as Susan and I are. We wanted a condominium in a certain location, etc. etc., and had about three days to find one. I flew into Portland from Colorado, and, sure enough, in three days Shannon opened the door into just the right place for us. And we bought it. Every step of the way, she could not have been wiser, more attuned to the market, or more attentive to me. Furthermore, she made the whole process, which might have been exhausting, dispiriting, FUN! I cannot recommend her highly enough. She’s the best. — Mike Ritchey, Sept. 1, 2014



511 SW Broadway

Commercial lease executed for a fashion retailer.


Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 5.57.12 PM

5926 N. Mississippi Ave



NW Naito Parkway

Between my family and me we have bought and sold multiple properties with Shannon. We keep coming back because she simply is the best! She diligently researched and worked to accurately price and market our condo. She always followed up and provided great and helpful feedback from showings. We were able to close within 3 weeks due to her expert guidance in the closing process, and coordination with the seller’s broker. I was once again extremely impressed with how professionally all aspects of the transaction were handled and how I didn’t need to worry because I knew Shannon would ensure it was taken care of. Once again a great experience!



8517 NW Shepherd


5741 SE 72nd

5741 SE 72nd Ave

When we moved to Portland a little over a year ago we knew we were going to want to buy a home sooner than later. We started out our search by just going to Open Houses and that got to be extremely frustrating in this crazy Portland market. I then turned to a dear friend to ask for some advice and she recommended I contact her realtor, Shannon Baird. So I did, and it was one of the best decisions we made. From the start Shannon was very professional and knowledgeable about the Portland neighborhoods where we were looking. She really focused on what we were looking for in a home and only after a few weeks we found it! She helped throughout the entire process, from writing the offers, to negotiations, through closing, and she was even there to hand us the keys. Working with Shannon was a real pleasure, and she made the entire experience for a first time home owner in Portland very easy and enjoyable. Thank you so much Shannon!


Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 1.09.56 PM

4730 NE Flanders

I was really fortunate to have Shannon Baird helping me navigate the current fast-paced real estate climate in Portland this summer. I found the perfect house for my needs that had just come on the market that day. Shannon showed it to me right away. Even though it was after hours, she drew up the contract and helped me with the terms that would be appealing to the sellers while also looking out for my best interest. Our contract was the first one the sellers received, but not the last. My offer was the one accepted. Shannon booked all the inspections right away and closing happened quickly. I have been living in my dream home for just over a month and I wake up every day happy to be here and amazed at how easy the process was. Thank you Shannon Baird!


Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 10.07.50 AM

5701 SW Hamilton

I have worked with Shannon Baird over the past 10 years in a variety of capacities. I’ve trusted her with the interior design of my homes and commercial office space as well as with representing us in our most recent home purchase. We relied on Shannon for a myriad of details with the transaction and it was a very, very challenging one.  Shannon is the ultimate professional, always providing us expert guidance – weighing the pros and cons of the situation in relation to our priorities. I can’t express how invaluable she has been to us. We would absolutely use Shannon’s services again. She and her team are amazing.


Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 2.52.00 PM

8964 N. Exeter

The last year of my life, I felt like I was in a real estate vortex. I am somewhat intelligent (I teach Chemistry) but the process of selling my condo and buying a short sale house was bewildering. Therefore, without the help and patience of my dear realtor (and friend) Shannon, I would have given up part way into the vortex. I would have accepted defeat and just stayed in my rental house (which was truly owned by the persistent ants living in the crawl space). Shannon helped me buy an adorable, tiny condo in 2008. I loved it, but eventually wanted a house with a yard. Shannon found a buyer for my condo quickly, but due to the changes in loan and HUD regulations (and my HOA) there were constant road blocks. As I started to give up many times and feel I would never sell my condo, Shannon remained positive. She always saw a solution or alternate path to accomplish our goal. Honestly, my condo may be the least expensive property Shannon has ever sold. It was itsy bitsy! But I was always given amazing service regardless of the amount of work Shannon had to put in for the tiny commission. I’m not even sure she thought about that. She just did her job to the best of her ability. She communicated and completed documents regardless of whether she was in town or out of town. Even when in a cabin in the woods, she was able to complete the paperwork that accepted the offer. It may have taken longer than we thought, but Shannon didn’t lose the buyers and I gleefully sold my condo.

We were exhausted and I was ready to take a six month break from real estate. Shannon gently reminded me that I should keep an eye out for a house in my price range as the market would probably only get more expensive.

I did take a short break, but keep eye out for the right house. In my price point, there were few houses I wanted. I had been looking at the listings for the spring and summer months when I was waiting for my condo to sell. I saw a house, that had an offer on it, and thought, “that is exactly what I am looking for”. I remember being sad I could not go see it. I was jealous of the buyers and frustrated that my condo had not sold yet, so I could not make an offer on houses like this one.

Well, the timing of selling my condo turned out to be perfect. Because that fall, the house I coveted became available. The other offer had fallen through. We saw the house and I knew that this was the best house I would find in my price range. It had so much potential that I could spend the rest of my life in it. I knew since it was a short sale the process of buying was not normal and would take a while. I did not know that we would move into real estate vortex #2 including weekly if not daily confusing emails from a third party negotiating team. Shannon connected me to a mortgage broker who was also a godsend. Fees kept escalating, the buyers and bank would not pay for any of them, I had to take them all on. Being a teacher and buying it on my own, I had limited funds. But both Shannon and her recommended loan officer had my back. I was protected. Speaking of protected, Shannon also sheltered me from a truly inept listing real estate agent involved in the process. She didn’t let me know how many crisis’ went on behind the scenes until after they were over. She also remained patient with me when I would explode with emotion as she would explain a new problem over the phone. At those moments, I felt like the student and Shannon was my graceful teacher.

Finally, after 5 months of slow bank decisions and HUD hoops to jump through we got to closing day. Hooray! Right?

Except the seller was a pack rat and unorganized. We arrive at 5 pm. Not only was the seller still moving out, but they had no intention of taking all their trash and other possessions! It was nearly devastating to walk in as my dreams crashed around me. Shannon took all our anger and started making calls to solve the problem. I grabbed a trash bag and just kept repeating in my head, “don’t regret your decision. This is a good house. It just looks bad right now”. It looked real, real bad. By 8 pm that night there were men there hauling the previous owners trash away. I am not exaggerating when I say 10 truckloads of crap was left on the property. But less than 48 hours after closing, all was hauled away and Shannon had gotten the listing agent to clean the house for me! Seriously, no one else would have done all that for me.

Shannon told me that even if people make lists of what they want in a house, they usually don’t follow the lists in the end. After we closed on the house, I looked at my list and the house Shannon got met every single requirement!

I am now living in the house. Last night I did a pirouette in the living room floor with glee that this house is mine! I saved the money, I found it, I ripped out the carpet, but Shannon was the catalyst that made it all possible.

I am and shall remain forever grateful. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Shannon will go out of her way to get you what you want.



3833 NE 77th


anna carmel

4445 NE 84th

Shannon is a gem. She is a great agent who is knowledgeable about so many different aspects of the market: residential, commercial and investment properties. Based on recommendations and her positive attitude we decided she would be our agent when we decided to purchase our first investment property. It was a big decision for us and we could not be happier with the outcome! We  wanted to view a property during one of Portland’s fluke snowstorms. Even though Shannon was snowed-in, she got us into the house by putting us in touch with an associate Realtor, Sarah, who braved the weather and got us inside. It turned out to be THE ONE. Shannon helped us close quickly and made negotiations a breeze. Thanks to her quick thinking and seemingly unlimited knowledge, we got the house we wanted at a great price.


angel gonzalez

4806 N. Missouri


ron and ame

327 SE 14th


laura and tucker

4821 NE 26th


Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 4.59.41 PM

4715 NE 16th

Shannon went above and beyond to help us make informed decisions and get everything we were looking for in a new home.


Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 4.56.07 PM

4744 SE Woodward


Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 4.51.40 PM

1764 NE Highland


1 P1000052

4750 N. Vancouver

Would love to take you out to dinner, my treat, a little post celebration and thank you.


Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 12.23.02 PM

So…I guess I own a building! I took this photo in May when I first went to look at it, and it’s been 6 months of intense daily work to get through a difficult and often surreal transaction. If I’ve seem haggard lately, this is (mostly) why. Sorry if I’ve been aloof, not gotten back to you, or forgot to ask how YOU were doing during this time. It’s been one of the most challenging roller coasters of my life. Looking forward to working on this space, and bringing in friends and family to enjoy it with me. I’d like to thank everyone who helped me get through it, especially Shannon Baird, friends and family, and The Hollywood Foreign Press. Goodnight. — withShannon Baird at 3587 NE Prescott St., Portland, OR 97211.



5225 SE 28th

After six months with another realtor with nary a nibble, I changed to Shannon Baird to handle the sale of my property  The sale was completed within the same period I spent with the previous agent inspite of numerous problems along the way (not the fault of the realtor).  The solutions to the problems were professionally managed in a very accomodating and congenial way.  I highly recommend Shannon Baird as a competent and congenial realtor.  Robert Ho, D.O.



4875 SW Schatz Rd.

And thanks again for all your help. You’re UNSTOPPABLE.



333 NW 9th #1404



4030 SE Ivon #9

Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you.

Your grace and professionalism is a lesson to how I’d like to live my life.



6384 NE Durham

From the first consult through negotiations and closing Shannon has always impressed us with her attention to detail and follow through. She is a consummate professional but manages to keep the process very personal and about you. She represented us when we bought our house eight years ago and again when we recently sold it and both experiences were equally great. Our only regret is that we moved out of state and know that it will be impossible to replace her. Thank you Shannon for everything.


Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 1.47.18 PM

3956 NE 12th

Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a wonderful first house buying experience! From first meeting you on a Tuesday, to getting our bid approved on our house the very next Sunday, we couldn’t have asked for more! You were so great to work with, we felt comfortable with you from day 1, you were extremely efficient, dedicated and professional and we appreciated you sharing your personal thoughts and opinions with us to council us through the stressful time. We are so happy in our new home and feel like everything happened just right at just the right time – thank to you! Hope to see you around the neighborhood.


Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 3.54.18 PM

4121 N. Albina



7512 SE Rural


Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 2.53.02 PM

NE 10th

When we decided to buy our first house we interviewed several real estate agents and chose to work with Shannon.  We liked that she was professional, knowledgeable about the Portland neighborhoods that we were interested in, and seemed like a cool person.  It was one of the best decisions we made.  Shannon went out of her way to pick us up from work to see houses that we were interested in and was always fun to hang out with.  She guided us through the process of writing offers, using strategies that helped us come out on top.  During the inspection period, Shannon called upon her vast collection of contractor contacts to get the quotes we needed in a timely manner.  And when we finally moved into our new home, Shannon was there to hand us the keys.  Working with Shannon made the process easier to handle, and even enjoyable.  That’s why, when we wanted to buy our second home, we didn’t hesitate to call Shannon Baird.



N. Baldwin

If ever there were such a thing as a “Real Estate Therapy, ” a kind of therapy that wipes away all the previous bad experiences that go with the buying and selling of a home, I would have to say that working with Shannon Baird afforded me with a little taste of this kind of “therapy.” From the onset of my home selling experience, Shannon was thorough and patient. She made space to hear out my concerns, and reminded me that her success and job satisfaction was tightly married to her clients positive experiences. She was quick to follow up with me as the transaction unfolded, checked in with me regularly to make sure we were covering all the bases and took care to address my concerns as they arose. Shannon was spot on with the listing price and what needed to be done to sell the house. With minimal effort on my part, we were juggling multiple offers within the first week on the market and with a little of Shannon’s logistical gymnastics were able to close the sale within a period of five weeks. I appreciated her supportiveness, from beginning to end. Moreover, she went well above the call of duty in her willingness to manage contractors and tasks throughout inspection and closing


Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 2.23.59 PM

SW 57th

Shannon has been an asset in many ways as a realtor, designer and confidant throughout the years. She brings insight and creativity to the table while always providing a professional base of support. I have loved the quality of choices she provides and because of all these strong characteristics I strongly recommend her in the relistate/design profession.
Danita chandler
Portland Pilates studio


Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 1.34.26 PM

2009 NE 24th


Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 1.33.46 PM

1010 NE Stafford

My husband, Erik, and I have been wanting to own a home for quite some time now.  After getting pre approved, we got set up with Shannon Baird through Mortgage Express.  She met up with us that Saturday and spent 4 hours driving us around to look at houses and answering all of our questions.  Erik and I never felt pressured into making a decision we were not comfortable with.  In fact, she made sure that we were the ones making all of the decisions.  There were days when we would call her and ask to look at a house as soon as possible.  Two hours later, we would be there.  We truly appreciated Shannon’s patience, friendliness and professionalism.  Not only was Shannon knowledgeable on the home buying process, she was able to point out structural things to look out for.  Even when we were feeling discouraged, Shannon was Always there for us.  If she had business to do out of town, she made sure to have someone there to help us.  We cannot be anymore happier in our new home and forever grateful to Shannon!
Very Happy Home Owners
Sara & Erik Heise


Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 2.54.17 PM

3827 NE 19th

At the suggestion of a contractor we contaced Shannon Baird when selling a single family residence home. We were very impressed with her expertise and service. From the start she demonstrated genuine interst in our property, as well as personal knowledge of the neighborhood and real estate market. At our first meeting she came well prepared with market comparable data. And best of all, within a week, she had a good offer from a qualified buyer. Thanks to her assistance we closed without any problems in little more than a month. She was great to work with – is sharp, intuitive, confident but not pushy and kept us well informed throughout the process. Highly recommended. Paul and Ceva Knight


ben davis susan davis

NE 80th and NW Kearney

The first time we met Shannon, we knew we wanted her to represent us in the sale of our home as well as in the search to find a new home. She was professional and compassionate in her approach to what she knew was a transitional time in our lives in many ways. We had lived in our home for 28 years and raised our three daughters there. Through every step of the process, Shannon’s in depth knowledge was evident and extremely comforting. She knew exactly what needed to be done and made sure it happened in a timely manner. She is very attentive to timelines.

Because of the relationship we developed she had a complete understanding of what was wanted and needed regarding a new home. We felt she always had our best interests at heart and would be honest with us about listings that wouldn’t be a good investment and the exact reasons why. She continually impressed us with her knowledge of all aspects of the real estate industry.

We are extremely happy with our experience through this process and we attribute the outcome to Shannon.



8823 SE 9th


Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 9.37.04 PM

5226 NE 49th Ave.


1405 NE Prescott

1405 NE Prescott 50 x 100′ lot.


6451 NE 9th

Shannon was great to work with from the start. She was the first realtor I spoke with and even though I did my due diligence and interviewed others, I knew right away I’d be comfortable with her. Shannon excels at walking the thin line of being there as a friend while also maintaining a high level of professionalism. While the investment side of the purchase was important to me, she made sure houses we looked at would be great places to call home. In a very competitive market, she was always on top of it, making sure we were where we needed to be and not letting any good opportunity pass. The process had its ups and downs—losing a house we offered on, finding many issues that needed fixing on a home I liked, etc…—but she always made sure I kept an even keel. The whole time, I was confident I would end up in a great home, and I did. Shannon made sure of that.


12340 SE Eagle Glen Drive

Thank you SO much for sticking with us and waiting for that perfect buyer to come along. Your expert hints, from how to stage the house early on to your controlled calm during the final inspection process, were invaluable. We were amazed at the quality of the pictures of our home provided by your photographer. We were overall very impressed and look forward to you helping us get into a new home soon.



I didn’t think my previous email to both you and Richard ( the listing agent ) appropriately expressed my gratitude to you for helping me through my first buying experience. And I’m not just speaking of this transaction… From the first time I contacted you several years ago to ask you to show me a house, you have always been extremely prompt with responses, knowledgeable with suggestions, and sensitive to my concerns.  You understood my financial position and what I was looking for in terms of real estate, and never pushed me toward anything I wasn’t interested in. And when it came to actually purchasing the triplex, you were there to talk me “off the ledge” and provide encouragement based on your own experience as a landlord. I cannot thank you enough for your truly professional approach and demeanor. I would be (and will be) more than willing to refer you to anyone looking for a realtor.


3727 SE Kelly

“Shannon was delightful to work with. It was very important for us to choose a realtor who had her impeccable design sense. This was important not only to have outstanding marketing materials, but also to help us choose the final finishing details of the house before we went on the market. Additionally, she was very imformative throughout the process and always kept the sale moving forward.”
Thanks again,


7326 Fernwood Circle Lake Oswego, Or

We cannot thank you enough for being with us every step of the way
through our 8 month journey to find a home. There were many ups and
downs that you navigated, always with our best interest in mind. Your
expertise helped us narrow our scope to a style, neighborhood, size,
and floor plan which best suit our family.  With your finger on the
pulse of Portland, your detailed knowledge of real estate,
contractors, design, and the future, we always knew we were in the
best of hands! Our new home is more amazing than we ever could have
imagined. Your professionalism, taste, and intuition are excellent and
you were helpful beyond words. Thank you so much for all your hard


7021 SW Canyon Crest Drive

Working with Shannon was a fantastic experience; and we couldn’t have been more pleased.
While Shannon found our home relatively quickly, it was a uniquely tough negotiation.  Shannon listened and truly heard everything we said, as well as the things we didn’t :).  Shannon handled the sellers with grace and negotiated every important detail on our list.  With multiple extensions and unresponsive sellers, Shannon wrestled out an unbelievable deal with everything we could’ve asked for.  Her commitment and dedication to those she represents comes out in everything she does…
Thank you Shannon!
~Dave and Jessica


6331 NE 37th Ave.

Shannon and I go way back, this is our third time working together as well as our third time having success finding property.

Lucky for my husband Kevin and I this time we found our dream house. Seriously we keep pinching ourselves because it feels too good to be true. It feels amazing to know you found a place within your budget that has everything on your checklist, plus a few extra things.

What we love about Shannon was her upbeat approach to shopping for homes; we even pulled out of another sale in which she encouraged us to follow our gut. Shannon is committed to making sure her clients are happy even if that means having to take the bumpier road. You can’t fake being a genuine person and when it comes to buying the place you want to spend your life in it is important to know you are in good hands.

If there is a fourth property in our future Shannon will be our agent again without a second doubt.

Thanks again Shannon!


7164 SW LaView Dr

Shannon helped us purchase our first home and she was such a pleasure to work with. Of course the circumstances of the particular house we chose were quite unique and we were met with many challenges between offer and closing. Shannon did an exceptional job guiding us through all of our questions, finding solutions for all of our concerns and calming our nerves. Her commitment to helping us close the transaction was evident through every step of the process proven by her attendance at all of our meetings with inspectors and repair contractors. We would definitely recommend Shannon to anyone looking for a new house in the Portland Metro area without hesitation.


4310 SE 48th

Shannon is amazing.
She is like the Leatherman of realtors- she can do anything you need and do it well.  After purchasing two homes through her, we couldn’t recommend her enough.
 She is a professional that knows the industry from a 360 degree view.  While you are looking at the living room wondering where your couch can fit and she’s looking at the structure, the wiring, the water heater and the roof.   If you love everything but hate the kitchen- she can offer ideas for making it awesome.  She knows if a house is a good investment for your goals or someplace to leave behind.
 Beyond her experience in the housing market, you get Shannon’s design and remodeling experience.  After our inspections with both homes, we not only know the repairs that need to be done, but we had a list of bids from some of the most awesome contractors in town.  When we remodeled our last kitchen, Shannon offered great advice that will make our house more valuable on the market when she sells it for us.
 We were one of 5 bids for our current house.  We weren’t the top bid, but because Shannon kept in contact with the listing agent, our offer was accepted when the first choice buyers fell through.  Thanks to Shannon’s tenacity we are raising our children in a house we love!
 I wish we could buy a third house just so we can keep working with her.  She is  completely awesome.


11354 NE Flanders

As a busy, single professional with a deadline, an average realtor would not cut it. I needed a seasoned pro who had the chops to act as consultant and advocate, and who was a straight shooter that would not waste my time. I found this and more when I teamed up with Shannon Baird.
Shannon’s level of commitment to my cause was impressive. The entire time I worked with Shannon – from the first phone call to a check-in after closing – she was consistently available to me. I benefited from her thorough knowledge of the Portland market, older construction and ability to size up quality.
And to top it off, she is a lovely person to be around which is a good thing to have in a partner on the often confounding home buying journey. Another benefit of her affable nature and background in design and construction is that she has attracted a deep bench of similarly committed home repair and inspection professionals that I found to be immensely valuable. It takes a team to buy a house. Asking Shannon to join my home buying team was one of the best moves I made.


5144 N. Chase

Thank you for your dedication, honesty and mindful work while helping us to find and get into our new nest. We feel so blessed to work with you and in the time frame we did. That was quick! With gratitude and appreciation. Love always.


12400 SE Crest Drive


Lot sold in Astoria, Oregon for residential building


Hi shannon – it’s Laura, I am calling from my condo which I do not live in anymore because last weekend I moved into a rental off Lombard with my boyfriend near Columbia Park, it is a fine rental I can make it cute but it is so sad, pathetic and dinky and it smells, it is such a rental. It has just made me realize how much I love my condo and I want to thank you for finding it for me, or helping me to get it. It has been such a wonderful place to live, so safe and close to everything and now that I am in that rental house I can see how much quality my condo has and I have to tell you how sad that I am not living here anymore, although I am happy to live with my boyfriend and am hoping that I can make my condo my own little private retreat someday. Thank you Shannon for helping me find it and making it such a wonderful process and I am now getting it ready to rent and life is crazy because I am living out of boxes. I would love to see you next month when my rental house is ready for you to see because right now no one is allowed to come over until I can make it cute too.

Laura's condo


2201 NE 58th


4115 N Court

As an out-of-state repeat client, I was confident at all times that you had my back, that the transaction was in capable and professional hands, and that there was nothing–and I mean nothing–about which I need worry. Shannon, you were and are the ideal realtor.


7184 SW Hyland Way

Shannon was instrumental in getting our home sold quickly and for full asking price.  She was very professional in her presentation on how she would sell our home.  She helped us to stage our home and told us what items needed to be removed or added.  The photographer that she used to photograph our home knew how to maximize the positive aspects of the property and it showed in the photographs that were posted on the RMLSwebsite.  Shannon did a great job in our negotiations and we were able to get everything done on schedule.  We would highly recommend Shannon for selling your home.
Eric and Christine Davis


SE 54th

Thank you for two years of patience and work on our behalf to help us to the front door of our new house!

We are both so happy that you have become a friend and hopefully we will still get to see you once in awhile.

Thanks for everything…


ne 32nd

It would be virtually impossible to tell you…in the amount of room left on this page how thankful I am for you in my life, for all of the rolls you’ve played in my biggest decisions. I know its not a coincidence. You are always there and I love you so so much!!!


3116 NE 63rd


333 NW 9th #508


NE Mason


N. Terry


NW Greenleaf


N. Jessup

I do not need to explain much that you were incredibly, amazingly invaluable in finding the right house. Your extraordinary skill and knowledge is what laid the basis for a great professional relationship and your compassion, your honesty, your beautiful reverence for life & nearly all things around you have secured a special place for you in my heart ( and my husband’s, too ). I am looking forward to many years of friendship.


4910 NE 37th


NW Johnson


SE 87th


5316 SW Boundary


4005 SE 33rd


19 SW Canby

Shannon was a pleasure to work with and showed us a LOT of houses in a very short time, displaying great knowledge of their specifics and making each one feel special. We found our dream home!


2202 SE 38th


1936 SE Hemlock


7206 NE Sacramento


7331 SW Corbett

I was looking to buy a home in a close-in Portland neighborhood, but had no idea where I wanted to be. I couldn’t have been an easy client to work with because my time is really tight, and the only direction that I could really give was that I would know the house once I saw it. Shannon not only found an incredible home in a perfect close-in neighborhood, but also scheduled all of the inspections, took care of all open permits, and even helped push my loan through. It was wonderful working with someone who genuinely cared about my specific wants and needs. My genuine thanks to Shannon for both her help and her friendship. I’ll certainly recommend her to everyone that I know.

– Dr. David W. Claus


5333 NE 27th

Thank you again for all your help and guidance through the home buying process!
-Angelika and Clay


3514 NE 13th

As luck would have it, Shannon was scheduled to be out of town during a crucial phase of our negotiations. We had just discovered that the sellers had a party sewer. It was a extremely stressful time. Despite being in Europe, Shannon stayed in touch, providing much needed moral support and nudging things along with with the sticky negotiations. Greg Zimmerman, Shannon’s man on the ground while she was away, with the many conversations and addendum’s proposed between two very anxious parties. Considering what we were up against with our very hairy first home purchase, I was a bit in shock when we actually closed. But, we did! Thanks to their teamwork.

– L+K


5330 N Yale


4537 NE Wistaria Drive

Shannon is a powerhouse of house hunting skills. Shannon “Powerhouse” Baird. That should be her middle name. Shannon Baird helped us find our house like a swarming pack of jackals on a gazelle. (Vegetarian version) Shannon Baird helped us find our house like a thumping pack of jackrabbits on a cabbage patch. Shannon’s skills are equal to a Bobcat, Cobra, and a Coyote, if you put them all together, and then made them a realtor.

They are lacking some professionalism, but I would use you, if I saw any of these on your site.



9704 SE Cora


2350 NW Savier #B320


4414 N Kerby


1510 SE 74th


6846 N Campbell

Thanks again for all your help.  We’re loving our new home.


5226 N Michigan

From my first meeting with Shannon, I knew that I was in good hands. She’s unbelievably knowledgeable about every step of the process, and she seems to surround herself with people who meet the same qualities. Her work in design gives her a network of talented people with exacting standards. She is willing (and eager) to be as thorough as necessary about any part of the home buying experience. She was generous with her time and her friendship. Shannon offered me the perfect balance of maternal nurturing and brutal honesty that both calmed my anxiety and got things done. She’s continued to go above and beyond what people would expect from their best friends, helping me with homeowner issues long after my transaction was complete.

I was referred to Shannon by a friend who assured me that she was “no bullshit” and he was absolutely right. She’s not going lie to you to sell a house. I never felt coddled or pushed. I just felt like I had someone very smart, very sincere and very trustworthy helping to look out for my best interests. I would trust her with anything. And I recommend her without reservation.


2301 SE Caruthers #9


5405 NE 39th

The person in possession of infinite patience, laser-like perception, intuition, tireless attention to detail, tenacious and persistent negotiation skills and balanced fairness is rare, indeed–and it’s rarer still to find that in your realtor. During the process of buying our first home, Shannon Baird had more surprises (including that of the carcass of a rather large mammal being found below the house during inspection) thrown at her than I would have known what to do with, and she handled each challenge with dignity, grace, humor, wit and expertise. The process also coincided with a death in our family, handled by Shannon with true compassion and sympathy. When describing what we were looking for in a home, she found the perfect place right away. In closing, we received every single thing we asked for. I couldn’t possibly recommend Shannon enough. I think she should get some sort of trophy.

–Joan H. & Dave Depper


1620 SE Hawthorne


5114 NE Mason

Thank you so much for helping us find a home – through the challenges of a very painful surgery, and an impossible loan – you made it happen.

xo J+K


7702 N Williams

I had a wonderful experience working with Shannon to buy my first home.  She treated me and my needs with caring, honesty, and business savvy.  She helped me stay focused on my original goal.  She educated me to make good decisions.  She was there for me at a moments notice.  I felt as if I was her only client.  She knows everything there is to know from neighborhoods to plumbing.  I know I was not her typical client as a first time home buyer with an extra small budget but she never made me feel less important.  She was ready to fight for me and knew exactly when to negotiate.  I recommend her whole heartedly.  Shannon obviously wants her clients to be happy more than anything else and she has the experience, drive, and smarts necessary to accomplish that goal.


7050 SE Lexington

We began working with Shannon on the recommendation of a friend after a not so satisfying experience with another realtor. As first time home buyers purchasing in an uncertain economy, we were looking for someone who would take the time to educate us and not rush us. We instantly connected with Shannon through our common interests in all things creative and our mutual love of design. She listened and understood what we wanted out of our first home even more than we did. Her sharp intuition and nurturing personality allow her to adapt to any situation.Working with Shannon is not only a pleasurable experience but an honorable one.

Noelle Stiles and Delaney Kelly


720 NW Westover Circle

3737 SE Grand

Working with Shannon on my first home purchase was an absolute pleasure.  I immediately felt at ease with her exceptional knowledge, her honesty throughout the process, and her patience with me as a first time home buyer.  I never felt an ounce of pressure or overly sales-minded vibe from her in any way.  She was very honest about her opinions on all of the homes we viewed, and I really felt at ease knowing that she had my best interest in mind at all times.  Shannon was available to me any time I had questions or concerns, and her knowledge and local network were crucial to my very smooth closing process.  I would never hesitate to recommend her work to anyone I know (and in fact have already done so), and don’t feel that there was anyone I would rather have worked with on my home purchase.  I look very forward to working with her on my next investment.


8438 SE Clackamas Rd

SW Mary Place

SE 49th
Thanks again for everything… I couldn’t imagine being in any other house.


SW Dover Lane

Our search for our first home was probably typical of most. While we had a good idea of what we wanted, we were ill-prepared for the roller coaster home buying process. Given the contraction in the mortgage market, this could have been far more pronounced than what we experienced. Without the expertise, insight and reservoir of patience that is Shannon Baird, I’m not sure we would’ve prevailed.

Shannon’s ability to remain objective and steady is one aspect of a talent that adds quite a bit of value to this process. No matter how conventional a sale or purchase may appear on the surface, her ability to empathize and then realize your goals as her own is illuminating. This is further expressed by the folks she chooses to work with, all extremely capable, courteous professionals who we found to be very collaborative and budget-conscious. Any of this is good news for a first-time buyer and yet I can see how this would be a major advantage to anyone looking to buy or sell in such an exciting and complex real estate market. We would happily work with Shannon again and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Emanuel & Guenevere Brown


NE Cleveland

Shannon worked with us for an extensive period of time. She was so fabulous. Even after all the setbacks on our side. She still worked hard to help us find the perfect house. Now we live in an amazing neighborhood complete with a neighbor boy our son’s age.

Thank you so much for all your help. You made finding a house a wonderful experience.


NW Shepherd

We weren’t sure what we were looking for when we first starting checking out houses and acreage with Shannon and we dragged her to every sort of property on the outskirts of northwest Portland and beyond trying to get an idea of what was out there. She was gracious and knowledgeable though and made time to visit whatever looked interesting to us. Many times she very sweetly offered to entertain our two-year-old while we mulled things over and she did such a good job of it – he loves her. She has great taste and both the ability to see potential in pretty rough properties and enthusiasm for making them something wonderful.


SE Maple

We are VERY pleased with our association with Shannon. She is extremely professional and experienced in her field. She used great marketing skills to help us sell our lovely home during a difficult time in the real estate market. These skills included hiring a professional photographer to take wonderful photos of our home as well as incomparable advice and help to stage our home for sale. We would highly recommend Shannon to anyone seeking an agent to represent them.



Shannon Baird was a joy to work with. She made sure her I was taken care of even though I wasn’t her client. She answered the phone at all hours of the night and at no time made me feel as though I was a pain in the ass even though I probably  was.

Thanks Shannon. Keep in touch.



SE 10th

Mary and I met Shannon Baird when we were first looking for places to rent in Portland. Later, when we decided to look for a home to purchase, we chose to work with Shannon because of her strong interpersonal and communication skills which we enjoyed upon our first meeting. Shannon works to build relationships, earn the trust of her clients, and she helped us purchase our first home in SE Portland. She was consistently available throughout the process and very communicative, which was appreciated in buying our first home. Working with her was a pleasure.



SE 65th

We bought our home at the peak of the real estate market and sold it towards the bottom of the market. In assisting us with both the purchase and sale of our home Shannon worked tirelessly for us and the end results really showed. I cannot say enough good things about Shannon’s extremely diligent hard work ethic, her knowledge of the market and her overall professionalism in assisting us with the difficult and sometimes stressful job of buying and selling property. Due to her deep knowledge of real estate in the Northwest region of the United States and her ability to see a sale all the way through to the end, the overall transaction for both the purchase and sale of our house went very smoothly. I have and will continue to recommend Shannon Baird to anyone who might be interested in purchasing a home in the Northwest region.

Joseph Goolsby


SE 47th

A real estate broker extraordinaire! We were first time homebuyers in search of a moderately priced bungalow in inner SE Portland that was not a real fixer. With years of real estate broker and design experience, Shannon guided us towards a gem. A great communicator, Shannon was readily available from house search through final closing and proved herself invaluable.

All our best, Shuli and Dan Rutzick


NE Cleveland

I used Shannon to both sell my current house and buy my new home. Simultaneously buying and selling a house can be extremely stressful. Shannon’s hard work, calm demeanor and constant communication made the experience a pleasant one. I would definitely recommend using her services whether you are a first time home buyer or someone who has purchased homes in the past. Thanks again for all of your hard work and dedication.



NE Grand

This is the second duplex that my sister, Hannah, and I have bought together. This time around there was no stress because we knew we were in good hands. I can’t express how nice it is to work with someone who has become a good friend, but is still totally professional at the same time. Plus her network of contractors and brokers are just as great as she is. I can’t wait to buy third!

Sally Schwartz


SW 9th


NW Flanders

This was my first home-buying experience and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with. Shannon was extremely professional, attentive and understood my needs almost immediately. Not only did she make the entire process go smoothly, she was fun to work with. Thanks for everything, I can’t wait to move in.



SE 50th

We very much enjoyed working with Shannon in the search for and purchase of our new home in Portland. Being out-of-state clients, we appreciated and trusted her ability to represent our interests and various needs without us being there. We felt from the start that she wasn’t “all talk”, and that she tuned into what we liked, and didn’t like, in property immediately. She’s warm, courteous, dedicated and a lot of fun!

Kate and Jen


SE Ivon

Shannon Baird made the home buying experience an absolute joy. Before I met with her, I was apprehensive and unsure. Her charm, intellect, and honesty immediately put me at ease. Throughout the buying process, Shannon kept in contact with me. At every moment, I felt that I was a priority and that Shannon was looking out for my best interests. I would not hesitate to work with Shannon for any future purchase.



SE 33rd

Professional, efficient, courteous, friendly, thorough, considerate…these are the adjectives that come to mind when working with someone like Shannon. Thank you Shannon for your help and for facilitating such a smooth and easy breezy transaction!

Zak, Laila and Chloe


N Richmond

Shannon is someone we can always count on when it comes to the purchase of real estate. She is professional, patient, and hardworking. She is extremely knowledgeable and has an excellent network of colleagues (Contractors, etc.) whose combined experience help remove some of the unknowns when buying a house.


SE Ramona

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You helped us find the perfect house! Your dedication and knowledge of the business are stunning. We learned so much from you and, not only will we call you the instant we are looking for another house, but we’ll refer everyone we can to you.

Jordan and Alicia


NE Going

I had always believed that purchasing my first home was going to be a difficult and arduous task. Was I wrong! Working with Shannon Baird was an unbelievable experience. She has a great amount of knowledge and expertise and she made the process very smooth, explaining everything along the way. She was an excellent resource regarding areas in Portland and where I should begin looking, what I could afford, and what would best fit my lifestyle. Shannon is wonderful and I would not hesitate to go back to her when the time comes to explore new options.

Thank you!



NE 26th

We feel blessed to have had you represent us in the purchase of our home. You were articulate in communicating the details and graceful in situations that would otherwise be stressful and overwhelming. Appointments were made and you showed up and followed up and we knew we could count on you completely.

This is our 3rd purchase over the years and we finally get it, through you, that this can be exciting and smooth for all involved. You gained the respect of the seller’s agent right away and that trust held us through a bumpable buyer situation. There was never the sense of ‘us and them’, we had the same goal and the focus was how to accomplish it so that everyone feels good about it.

Thank you so much. We look forward to working with you again and recommend you to anyone we know who is in the market.

Meg and Deb


Shannon Baird went above and beyond the call of duty. She had a genuine interest in helping us find what I was looking for. She was persistent and determined. Honest and hard-working. All of the qualities you could possibly hope for in a realtor. The best!

Tim, Joe, Jay and Mitch


NE Siskiyou

Thank you for your help in finding my new home. You were extremely patient while we searched for the perfect house that met all of my needs. Once we found the house, your diligence, thoroughness and overall management of the purchasing process, including negotiating with the seller, identifying lenders, handling the inspection and all associated repairs, and overseeing the closing, made buying a house a breeze. You were a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with you again when the time comes for me to buy my next home.

Sincerely, Ray


SW Upper Cascade


NE 7th


NE 46th

Being in the mortgage industry, I have worked with many Portland realtors, and none are as helpful or as professional as Shannon. Selling a home can be a complicated process, but Shannon is incredibly detailed oriented, making the process, and the transaction overall, extremely smooth. I wouldn’t consider anyone else for a real estate transaction, and I would recommend Shannon to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.



NE Alberta

Thank you so much for going above and beyond!! Not only did Shannon find us our house on Labor Day weekend but we had an accepted offer the next day. We love our house and made a good friend as well!



NE Couch

I can’t even try to explain how helpful Shannon was when my sister Hannah and I bought our first home. We come from a very pushy and involved family that wanted to be included in every step of this already difficult process. Shannon ended up becoming part of the family helping us get through all the family drama. It so nice to be able to have a professional relationship with someone during a huge purchase of this sort and also come out with a sister. So, thank you Shannon. You are forever welcome at our dinner table.

Sally and Hannah


NE Everett

I began with an immediate challenge. Market and sell an odd little house in an odd location at an odd time of year. Couple this with my general dislike of Real Estate professionals and you have a recipe for stress. Luckily, I stumbled across Shannon Baird. Not only was my transaction handled with patience, precision, perseverance and genuine care, but the entire transaction was actually fun at times. I needed and received constant support and counseling throughout the process allowing me to make the best decisions for me.

Smart, fun, simple and above all, professional. Shannon Baird is truly fresh air in an otherwise smoggy community.



NE Fremont

Thank you so much Shannon for all your help and hard work, you are the best.



N Maryland


SE 65th

We bought our home at the peak of the real estate market and sold it towards the bottom of the market. In assisting us with both the purchase and sale of our home Shannon worked tirelessly for us and the end results really showed. I can not say enough good things about Shannon’s extremely diligent hard work ethic, her knowledge of the market and her overall professionalism in assisting us with the difficult and sometimes stressful job of buying and selling property. Due to her deep knowledge of real estate in the North West region of the United States and her ability to see a sale all the way through to the end the overall transaction for both the purchase and sale of our house went very smoothly. I have and will continue to recommend Shannon Baird Real Estate to anyone who might be interested in purchasing a house in the North West region.

Joseph Goolsby


SW Meade

Thank you. We appreciate everything that you did for us! Thank you so much!

The Ziebell’s


NE 37th


SE 13th


NE Sumner


Jolie Pointe, West Linn

I was so happy to find a realtor when deciding to relocate to Oregon from the Bay area. Shannon really understood what I was looking for, and not only found the house of my dreams but made the whole process of buying a home easier than I could have imagined.

Mark and Jasmine


Hi Shannon,

Just wanted to say thank you again for consolidating our signing yesterday, and making it such a pleasant experience. Your genuine care for both Constantine and I has been apparent since our very first meeting, and I cannot tell you how much it has meant to both of us. Without you, there is no possible way we could have found such a wonderful new home and had such a low-stress experience in selling and buying. You do your job very well, and so much much more.

Sincerely, Robyn


SE 29th, Milwaukie

Just spoke to Amy and she said the signing took place yesterday! Thanks for all of your help, and bringing the paperwork to the house. Just wanted to thank you for taking care of Amy and John, it was great to work with you again!!

The Baker family


NE 12th

Thanks for looking all over the eastside for the perfect layout for two teenage daughters + potential rental income from a separate space on the property for this single mom + in a desirable school district + the eco-friendly bonus remodel of cork floors, bamboo, counter tops and beautiful stainless appliances, and brand new bathrooms! I additionally thank you for helping me in meeting my target price range as well as getting to the bottom of the “unexpected” fees when dealing with kooky closing costs. You are the perfect person for this experience, more of a “home buying buddy”: knowledgable, honest feedback, and always a joy to see.



N Court


SE Liebe


SE Ash

Thanks for your work with me on finding a condo. It was hard work and I’m glad we persisted. I eventually got exactly what I had in mind: an unusual space, close to downtown and at a good value. I couldn’t have done it without you. Many thanks for your patience and your efforts.



SW Meade

We are the type of people who like houses that send most buyers running. When we find the fixer we want, it is important to us to make sure that certain repairs are completed, and for the right price. These needs inevitably lead to many negotiations with the seller for us to be completely comfortable with the purchase. Shannon was an ambassador of our needs; representing us faithfully in our transaction. Her professionalism, knowledge, and communication skills gave us peace of mind. She worked tirelessly, relaying information between us, the seller, various contractors, inspectors and mortgage brokers. She was available for questions and explanations, even when at times it meant that she was explaining things twice…once for each of us. Shannon is very skilled at working with couples, doing her best to ensure that her client’s needs are met individually. We highly recommend her.

Chad and Sheryl


NE 27th

Shannon works harder than any agent I know. My standards are very high and, before meeting Shannon, I considered selling my house FSBO, figuring I would work harder than any agent. Now I’m so glad I didn’t. Shannon was honest, transparent, thoroughly walked me through the process and left nothing to chance. She delivered more value than I ever expected, and I will definitely work with her on future transactions.



NW 12th, McKenzie Lofts


SE Locust

Shannon Baird helped me find and buy my first home, and has since been there for me through two additional real estate purchases.  Shannon is as trustworthy as she is capable, and her knowledge of Portland is never ending.  She cares about each and every one of her clients, and it shows through her dedication and hard work.  She directed the major renovation of my attic into an amazing master bedroom, that I never want to leave! (please see the pictures on the intereior design page)

Shannon is my real estate agent, interior designer, personal Portland expert, and most importantly, she is now my friend.

JH in SE – Buyer

Thank you for handling our real estate transaction on Locust excellently.

P+M – Sellers


SE Taylor


SW 35th

I was new to the Portland area and Shannon’s friendliness and knowledge of the local areas completely put me at ease. She was able to accommodate my time deadlines and push my home purchase through quickly and effectively. Shannon possesses a great combination of warmth and professionalism and is extremely conscientious, clearly committed to serving the client’s needs. I would recommend her to anyone and hope to have the opportunity to have her as an agent again soon.

Dr. David W. Claus


SE Hawthorne

Wanted to say thank you for all of your house hunting and expertise. Can’t believe how fast it happened.

xx Matt and Kate


SE Taylor

Laurel and I want to thank you for taking us as clients and becoming our guide through this process. You are incredible at what you do, so knowledgable, professional, resourceful, and thorough; we feel so lucky to have had yuo as our agent and for how smoothly you were able to make everything flow.

Carson and Colin had recommended you to us because of their excellent experience in meeting you but we could have never expected how close we would become with you. That through the month of searching for a home and past all the business details we would find such a good friend in you.

We are picking up the keys to the house tonight!!! In a couple of weeks we will be having a house warming party and first house warming party for Fox. We hope that you’ll be able to come celebrate with us. And, again, thank you for being with our family as we start our new lives in our new home together.

Love, Curtis, Laurel, and Fox Knapp